Top Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers - social media

Top Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers - social media 

Increase Your Instagram Followers 

If you are just beginning instant gram, posting photos may be pretty depressed. Even knowing the benefits of social media marketing, it is easy to get discouraged, even if your excitement and diligence are met with just a few favorite things from a few followers.

This article will help you to increase your followers and provide 50 ideas for interacting with your posts. You will find that many of the ideas below focus on increasing engagement (favorite things and comments). Here, persistent engagement naturally leads to followers.

Keep in mind that implementing the following strategy is not a substitute for periodically posting attractive, creative and relevant images that viewers prefer. Please use the following tips freely. Do not forget that engagement should always be your basic goal.

1. Use a hashtag to help increase followers: #FF (Follow Friday), # instafollow, # l4l (as), # tagforlikes and #followback.

2. Hundreds of random pictures from people of your target audience. Neil Patel used this strategy and discovered that when he took a random picture for 100 favorite people he accepted 6.1 more believers.

3. Holding a contest in Instagram. One of the easiest ways to do this is to post an image advertising the contest and ask people to like it.

4. Promote your Instagram account with other social media accounts and profiles. Tell people what you can expect once you follow up to you (eg behind the photo, sneak peak, coupon etc.)

5. I like photos of other people and comment. This is the most natural way to earn a new follower.
6. Please use popular hash tag so that your image can be found in search. The most popular are # love, # instagood, # tbt, # photooheday.

7. Post photos at 2 am or 5 pm. According to the survey, these are the most effective posting times.

8. Find and follow users using common hashtags like #followme or #likefor. Many will chase you!

9. Remember that quality is above quantity. Please edit your account and leave only the best picture. No one wants to follow people with countless meaningless foods and other random shots.

10. Use the MayFair filter. According to Track Maven's Fortune 500 Instagram report, this is one of the most effective filters for marketers.

11. Make sure your bio is completed. Please include related keywords, hash tags, links to the site. In particular, please do not become spam. This is a guarantee that no one who reads your profile will follow you!

12. Please question with the caption of your picture. This is a great way to increase engagement.

13. Post on Sunday: Since the number of images posted on Sunday is the smallest, posting images makes images easier to see.

14. Maintain consistency. Know why you are posting and who is posting. Keeping consistency on how to use the platform, the number of followers will increase organic.

15. Use the call-to-action phrase in the photo caption. Your followers prompt you to act (such as "Please tell me what you think in comments").

16. Do not be afraid to post frequently. In a business that posts many times a day it may be anticipated that overall engagement will be low, but according to the survey it is suggested that this is not the case. According to Union Metrics, there is no relationship between the amount of posted images and the engagement received. It is not at least negative.

17. Follow recommended users. Go to the settings and click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Click Search and invite friends, and then click Suggested users.

18. Use Piqora to see what kind of photos lead to the best involvement and post more.

19. I will use geotags. Especially especially for local companies. If you add a geotag to your picture, those who post photos of your area will display their image on the page of that location. This is the best way to attract local users' attention.

20. Schedule and publish Instagram posts later. Continuously posting is important to increase the number of followers over time.

21. Really involved. Tips, tricks and strategies around the world can not compete with what really engages the platform. I like to take pictures and make deliberate comments intentionally. Find new people on a regular basis and get involved by answering comments and questions.

You can combine up to nine photos and videos using a tool like PicFrame that combines multiple photos into a collage.

23. Please ask the influenza to mention or tag your product. If you know the influential Instagram user using your product, please mention it. It might just be fine ... and perhaps will bring a new follower of 1 ton.

24. Post a picture of a blue one. Several studies have suggested that they get 24% more favorites than orange or red photos.

25. Post on Wednesday: Images posted in the middle of the week receive slight engagement than images posted on other days.

26. I will use the word "comment" for the caption. Several studies suggest that you get significantly more comments than if these are not there.

27. Use your face in your photo. Dan Zarella discovered that facial images were receiving 35% of what they liked rather than faces.

28. Tag people in the photo if there is relevance. This will cause those photos to appear in their users' feeds and increase the likelihood of sharing them.

29. Lightest better: Photographs with 65-85% light get 24% more likes than light less than 45% light.

30. Create a brand hashtag. Consider a hashtag and encourage your followers to use it. This will encourage fans to engage in the brand and at the same time improve visibility of users.

31. Share photographs behind the scenes. Attractive photos convey the character of your brand. Share an image showing that there is a real person behind your logo.

32. Invite guests to post on your account
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