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oppo f9 pro review

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Oppo F9 is the first smartphone with a visible display notch in its visible form. This is a function that seems to be arbitrary, but it is highly likely to appear on many Android-equipped terminals in the near future. With its small notch and a smooth, gradation color back of the phone, it will be around the mobile phone with the best appearance.

Besides design, the Oppo F 9 is a perfect midrange smartphone offering more price than a better known brand.

I used Oppo F9 Pro. It is the same as normal F9, but it used 6GB instead of 4GB RAM for about 1 week. It was fast and not furious, but it did everything I said to be done in a timely manner. I have experienced a couple of bugs (I had to have a notch, but this is merely explained in some applications). The 16/2 Megapixel camera was decent, but the surroundings were not the best. The 25 megapixel self-camera was harsh, but for a moment I can not complain. And ultra high speed battery charge was also pretty cool.

The two things you consider this smartphone are its appearance and its price (23,990 rupees or about 338 dollars launched in India). It is not a type of design so quickly people gather peeps around you, but it is still a very looking mobile phone. A 6.3 inch display with a small tear-shaped notch on "waterdrop screen" - as you can see on iPhone X and almost all Android flagship released this year, is your typical It's better than a notched screen. The screen is very high, 90.8%, which looks better like Oppo's slide-out Find X smartphone, but it's still impressive.

The best thing about waterdrop screens is that it makes sense. Essential phone, the cutout of the camera is getting smaller, but made it possible for Oppo to actually look good to my eyes. There is enough space to install speaker, front camera, light sensor. There may not be enough space like Apple's face ID tech, but Oppo F 9 has a fingerprint sensor, but in my calculations it is still better than iPhone X's face ID.

There are other details of the design that makes this cell phone a little more than most mobile phones. It has a gradient back of Huawei P20 Pro, but the gradation is applied to the whole face including the side.

In addition to the gradation from dark blue to black, my version of the phone has a design of "petal pattern" on the back of the Oppo F 9, and when turning it under the light source, a pattern like diamond appears. All this sole problem is that most people do not notice it. Even the gradation itself, its influence is subtle.

Crazy fast charging, so-so performance 

F9 is not a competitor with the best mobile phone in terms of performance. There is a Mediatek Helio P60 Octa core processor, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage (there is also a version with 4 GB RAM), and it works well enough to not notice the speed reduction under normal use. However, when you start the PUBG game, it starts with stuttering.

Oppo's VOOC Flash Charge technology was amazing.Oppo's own 7-pin microUSB cable (Yes, Oppo F9 has a microUSB charging port) needs to be used. As a result, the Oppo F9 battery was charged to 9% after 5 minutes, 19% after 10 minutes and 56% after 30 minutes. In 73 minutes, which is much faster than the other smartphones I tested, the cell phone was fully charged. For comparison, the Huawei P20 Pro boasting Huawei's fast charge technology was charged 100% to 100% in less than two hours (P20 Pro's battery capacity is 4,000 mAh versus Oppo F 9's 3,500 mAh) .

With normal cable, the battery reached 8% from zero with charging for 10 minutes. This is what you can get with most smartphones. For fast charging, you need to carry the special cables of the opportunity everywhere (for example, many people charge the phone twice every night: at night at home, once again at the office).

oppo f9 pro review - tech news oppo f9 pro review - tech news Reviewed by bhavnesh on September 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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