how to get girlfriend quickly - best new tips for boys

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how to get girlfriend quickly - best new tips for boys 

how to get girlfriend quickly
how to get girlfriend quickly 

1.Be comfortable alone. 

You do not have to try hard to act calmly. Just loose. You must not go out looking for a girlfriend. If you do not do that, you will be desperate. Self-confidence and self-sufficiency are quite sexy in nature, and if you get to take care of all the girls you meet, you do not look like either.

Please try to make good friends, not girlfriends. This means that we need to talk with as many women as possible, not just the tempted girls at once. 

Making a good friend with a woman helps not only to practice conversation with a woman but also to help students learn women's feelings and ways of thinking. More importantly, even if you are not desperately looking for a girlfriend, you will help you feel lonely. someone.

It may be her, it may be someone else in the room. Does she have something heavy? "I will help you with it" and carry it for her. Is someone short of cash? Please lend them so they can eat lunch. Even if they have not reached it yet, I will keep the door open for the next person to come through. 

In other words, being a kind and generous person. Not only will she draw her attention, she will feel better about herself as well. Do not do anything fake only when she is around. You will notice that there is a difference in how to handle her and how to treat others. We always help people in various ways. 

She will notice, so is the person who knows, and when you go into a conversation, people will say "They are very wonderful people." This girl will start thinking "Yes, they are not?"

3.Approach tons of girls on a consistent basis. 

If you see a charming girl, go to her and talk (it is not a problem at any time). And you do it on a regular basis. If you sit a day after going out a few days, it will not work. 

Please go out regularly and talk to a bunch of women. A place where you think you might find a supermarket, a library, a mall, a street, a social girl, a girl.

4.Avoid being afraid to fail. 

Remember that the fear of rejection is very unreasonable. If you see a hot girl, please talk to her. Tell her your immediate attention. 

You are cute and I came here to find out who you are really. You are looking for a girlfriend, but you are not a friend of "girlfriend".

5.Avoid giving yourself time to make excuses. 

When she sees a hot girl, please do not make excuses like "She is probably related", "She is on the phone", "She is jogging", or "Man, I am very bad" . 

Please believe there is no legitimate reason not to talk to her. In the worst case, she says "no" and walks away. You have to do it again and again to make good use of this.

6.Keep having fun. 

This is really important. If you are doing no fun while talking to a girl or while you are looking for her, you probably take it seriously. But if you are enjoying, you will not be aware of the potential rejection and will come out as a cool and fun person.


The more people you meet, the more you need to pick more people. Do not worry about the person you meet and how to meet. 

A nice old man beyond the street, your age may have a gorgeous granddaughter. And, a little troubling girl at last night's party may have a perfect friend for you.

Go out and pursue the hobby you love. If you do not know how to start an encounter, please sign up for activities that you think are fun! Check local events and conference forums, listings, classifieds, listservs that may attract people with similar interests and passion. 

You can also explore new interests and activities. A new hobby and girlfriend might go alone! Please do not rely completely on the internet.

8.Take care of your physical appearance.  

Even though women want to recognize others, appearance is an important part of dating games. Bad body odor, breath smelling, hair without greasiness are not attractive to most women. 

Regularly take a shower and polish the teeth twice a day to keep shape. You do not need to be the person who looks best there, but you need to give a good impression.

Please take pride in your clothes. Again, you do not need to be stylish, but clean and wrinkle free clothing is always better than the opposite one. Avoid the same thing every day. Especially in the case of suit pants in particular.

In addition to making you more attractive, keeping a close eye on your physical appearance increases your self confidence, in turn makes you more attractive and enhances confidence. Happiness is never a good thing, but knowing that you have good qualities is better at marketing yourself.

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